• Reservations will be accepted in writing. They may be sent by e-mail, fax, regular mail or delivered in person to our offices.
  • Once the services requested and available space is confirmed your reservation number will be sent to you in the same way it was received or as indicated by you.
  • Transportation services require a deposit or pre-payment of at least $150.00 USD or 25% as indicated in the reservation. The pre-payment must be made at least 8 days after making the reservation and before beginning the tour. The remaining amount is to be canceled on or before the day of starting the tour as established in the reservation.
  • The reservations are confirmed once the respective deposit of the pre-payment is made as established.


  • We accept credit card payments: they can be made on our web site, directly in our offices or by filling out an authorization form and sent by fax or e-mail along with a copy of both sides of your credit card.
  • We accept cash payments in US dollars or Costar Rican colons directly to our offices or to our authorized drivers.
  • We accept transfers made to our bank accounts: in Costa Rica, to the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica (National Bank of Costa Rica) or the Banco de Costa Rica (the Bank of Costa Rica) or, in Miami, Florida, USA, the Wells Fargo Bank.
  • We accept personal or traveler’s checks when:
    • The reservation and payment are made at least two (2) months before the tour.
    • The personal checks are made out to the name of our business in US dollars or in Costar Rican colons.
    • They are mailed by special certified mail or delivered in person.


Any cancellations of transportation services must be made in writing to our offices, by e-mail, or fax to be considered valid. The tax and credit or debit card fees or banks commission paid will not be refunded.

  1. Any cancellation received ninety (90) days before the reserved service: the pre-payment will be refunded completely except for 10% for administrative expenses or, if the client prefers, he will have 6 months to re-program the tour.
  2. Any cancellation received between eight (8) and ninety (90) days before the transportation services: the client will have six (6) months to re-program the tour or, if the client wishes, 70% of the pre-payment will be refunded.
  3. Any cancellation received between two (2) and seven (7) days before the transportation services the client will have six (6) months to re-program the tour or, if the client wishes, 60% of the pre-payment will be refunded.
  4. Any cancellation received twenty-four (24) hours before the transportation services: the client will have two (2) months to re-program the tour and no refunds will be made.
  5. Any last-minute cancellation or change in itinerary received (or with less than received twenty-four (24) hours anticipation): no refund will be made.


  • Any refund must be coordinated directly with our offices.
  • There is no refund if the client decides to cancel a portion of the tour at the last minute.
  • There is no refund, in the paid tax, or the commission paid in credit or debit card or Banks.
  • All refund requests are only accepted in writing and all the vouchers for services not used and any other documentation which the client might have in their possession must be attached.
  • Any request must be presented in writing before the service is completed or within the following eight (8) days of the end of the tour. If this is not done, the request will not be processed.


  • The service provider reserves the right to change the order of itineraries if it is necessary to better the service, or if there are circumstances beyond our control which do not permit us to comply with the original service offered.
  • If there are changes in the service due to the wishes of the passengers these must be presented in writing, with twenty-four hours anticipation and any additional costs paid by the passengers.
  • The company does not accept any responsibility for delays, early arrivals, or cancellations caused by the airlines, any other transportation agency, or activities of the client which may cause a change in the itinerary.
  • The charges which may be incurred due to the above are covered directly by the clients and, in case of delays in departure times, a charge of $15.00 US will be charges for each hour of waiting time.
  • In case that any member of the group misbehaves, breaks the reservation and/or security rules, the guide or driver has full authority to deny service to the client. The only responsibility of the agency will be the refund of the equivalent of the unused part of the tour or transportation.


  • The operator explicitly states that, unless specifically stated otherwise, we are the intermediary agents between the travelers and the entities or persons who provide the services indicated in the itinerary, such as transportation agencies, boats, yachts, tours, etc. As agents, all of the tickets, change orders, or vouchers are issued directly to the passenger and are subject to the conditions or terms of agreements of the transportation businesses or other services offered or provided.
  • In this way, the organizer declines whatever responsibility for deficiencies in the services offered, and also for injuries, damages, accidents, delays or irregularities which may occur during the services offered to the passengers or their belongings. When traveling in a vehicle which is the property of the organizer, the traveler is bound by the local laws regarding accidents and, therefore, relinquishes any other rights which could be theirs.
  • The payment of possible indemnification in case of accidents corresponds exclusively to the insurance agencies. Therefore, all third parties, such as ground transport services, are excluded from responsibility.
  • The agents will not be held responsible for the vehicles which have been supplied by third parties, businesses, or corporations which have complied or not with the previous agreements, nor for the negligent conduct of the third party. The business or corporation in providing or not providing its services is not responsible for any act, omission, or event while the passengers are being transported.
  • The passengers are directly responsible for the care of their luggage, articles, money, valuables or belongings which are transported in the contracted vehicles. Therefore, the organizer, agents, drivers, guides or transportation companies are not responsible for any burglary, robbery, loss, or damage of the luggage, money, articles, valuables, or belongings of the passengers or third parties.